Mobile Service Robots are Preparing to Lead the Next Stage of Electronic Evolution

Over the last 50 years, authors, motion picture directors, scientists, engineers and hobbyist have endeavored to bring robots into our homes. Several multinational companies, of the likes of Samsung, Toyota and NEC, are striving to do exactly the same thing. There are many reasons personal robots are seen as an imminent necessity in the technology-based societies. However, the groups that this article will focus on are in the commercial, consumer, security, public safety and professional healthcare sectors.

There is a little known crisis taking place in countries all over the world right now. Aging populations in most countries are quickly becoming a concern to the younger generations that will need to provide for them. A growing majority of elderly are being pushed into retirement homes and out of the homes where they have resided for years. Mobile service robots have the potential to positively affect the outcomes of these dilemmas. Personal robots can monitor the health and well-being of their charges, as well as inform concerned family members in case of an emergency. Various robotic technologies would allow children, or parents, to be monitored remotely while the caregiver is not physically present. New speech recognition software has been developed, which allows mobile service robots to understand and respond to a multitude of commands.

Leading companies in this industry are poised to capitalize on this burgeoning market with robots designed primarily to monitor elderly members of the family. These personal robots are also programmed to function within the traditional family setting as well. Elderly people in nursing homes receive attention from nurses on an average of nine minutes per day. These places are expensive, usually costing between $ 48,000 and $ 60,000+ per year, and are not always easy or convenient for family members to physically visit. Some personal robots are equipped to alert caregivers or family members about appointments, medication reminders, and can even alert 911 if there is an intruder or other emergency situation.

As regards commercial security, mobile service robots never need to sleep and can be programmed for various security situations, such as detecting intruders. Mobile service robots can be designed with important sensors that mimic or exceed human senses, including but not limited to, hearing, smell and can sense heat (infrared radiation) as well. Because of the ability to never sleep, mobile service robots can efficiently patrol shopping centers, public transportation sites and other commercial locations. Since less real people would be needed in security situations, companies who utilize mobile service robots can now reduce their overall security cost by using fewer, better trained human security guards.

Healthcare costs are another area of concern for most nations around the world. With costs increasing everywhere, cost effective and reliable assistants become vital to the successful operation of any healthcare facility. There are mobile service robot development companies that have designed robots to be utilized in a variety of settings, but primarily in hospitals and doctor offices. A robot can be built with onboard monitors for blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and oxygenation levels. Some personal robots can be programmed to automatically follow a nurse, carry specialized supplies, as well as respond to verbal commands.

As we progress further into the future, it has been anticipated that mobile service robots will increase the ease and usage of complex computer systems in the next stage of personal computer development. The days of Rosie the Robot, of The Jetson’s fame, may be quickly approaching. While there will be some serious competition in the industry, the major players in the mobile service robots industry, like GeckoSystems International, has a competitive advantage in a number of areas akin to development experience, dedicated knowledgeable management, and experienced engineering teams behind them.

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